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Name: Wondering
When are Feile draws out
Feile hurling draw 20 April
feile football draw 26 April
Name: Wondering
Can times and venues be put alongside the fixtures?

Excellent Job having them up so early btw.
The venues and times will be posted up closer to date of games as clubs often change venue at late stages.
Name: W Devlin
Hi. What is the Fr Fitzpatrick competition?

The Fr Fitzpatrick is a 11 aside senior football competition which will be played on 4g pitches per season
Name: u12
What cups do the under 12 play in ??
oDonnell cup football
Nipper Quinn hurling
Name: Curious
Just looking through the results and fixtures for the Beringer Cup and can't believe that all fixtures are set for Thursday nights and then the final is scheduled for a Saturday afternoon. What is the thinking behind this ? If our club are lucky enough to get through I won't be able to play in the final because of work commitments on a Saturday.
The final date for the Beringer cup has not been confirmed and will not until we know the finalist
Name: Watcher
were is the senior football semi finals gonna be played they at neutral venues be better for all teams involved more of a feeling for players and fans
First team out (clubs wont gave up their pitches for others to play)
Name: Minor
Is it really sensible to be playing the dywer cup during people gcse's and a-levels. Really teams will struggle to field as people will not play due to tests. Really think we should rethink this decision
It was the decision of the clubs to play at this time
Name: player
is the beringer cup being played next weekend? Dates on site say july
Clubs requested a refix to later in season due to the early start of all county leagues
Name: Player
what is the jim nelson cup?? what age group
Belfast senior hurling championship
Name: player
was wondering if theres a football championshipin senior cant see any on the fixtures page
Beringer cup